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Omega Factors Certified Organic Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg 180 softgels

  Key features 

Natural Factors High Lignan Flaxseed Oil contains the good fats! Flax oil contains essential fats that our bodies cannot manufacture on their own, including Alpha Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, and Linoleic acid. With 1000 mg of cold-pressed, solvent-free, unrefined Flax Seed Oil; a wise choice for anyone concerned with better health. Often recommended to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Certified Organic Flaxseed oil.
  • Cold pressed; High Lignan content.
  • A good source of omega 3 essential fatty acids.
  • Excellent for cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease risk reduction.
  • Not refined, deodorized or bleached.


100% Certified Organic Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (Linum usitatissimum L) 1000mg    

Non-medicinal ingredients: Soft gelatin capsule (gelatin, glycerin, purified water, carob), alpha tocopherol.

Contains no artificial preservatives, color or sweeteners; no corn, dairy, starch, wheat or yeast.


Suggested Use

1-3 soft gels, 3 times daily for no more than 3 months at a time or as directed by a health practitioner.



No contraindications known.

Children: Suitable for children at one-half the adult dosage.

  Pregnancy and Nursing: Historically, flaxseed oil has been recommended during pregnancy and lactation because it may help reduce constipation that can often occur during pregnancy. It is also an excellent vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil have also been used historically to encourage lactation. However, recent animal studies have shown a negative effect during pregnancy and therefore some experts are recommending that flaxseed oil be avoided during this time. The Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database says that "flaxseed oil is likely safe when used orally in amounts found in foods and possibly unsafe when used orally in medicinal amounts." Therefore we suggest that pregnant women check with their knowledgeable health care practitioner if they have any concerns about taking flaxseed oil during pregnancy.


Natural Factors High Lignan Flaxseed Oil

Derived from certified organic Canadian flax, grown in Alberta, Canada where the cool, northern latitudes produce superior flaxseed oil, high in the omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids may help maintain healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels, protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Flaxseeds are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega 3 essential fatty acid.  “Essential” means that the body does not produce the fatty acids on its own and therefore they must be taken in through the diet.  Most North American and Western diets are very low in Omega-3 and extremely high in Omega-6.

The ALA in flaxseed oil helps maintain cholesterol levels because healthy fats build HDL cholesterol.  HDL cholesterol is responsible for moving fat, from storage or plaques, into the liver where processing and excretion of fat occurs.  By decreasing fatty buildup on arteries it helps to regulate blood pressure.  It also provides valuable support for immune system function because many immune cells use omega 3 fats in their cell membrane.  Having a properly functioning membrane allows the cells to do things like release packets of chemicals when they come in contact with foreign invaders.  Since healthy fats play a large role in hormone formation, ALA can thus help optimize hormone levels and strengthen male fertility.  Studies show that ALA is an anti-inflammatory compound that is beneficial for the treatment of arthritis


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