FREE Shipping on Canadian Orders Over $200



All product pricing is listed by default in Canadian funds and all orders are processed in Canadian dollars. If you are an American/International customer, your actual exchange rate will be set by your credit card carrier.

Canadian residents are subject to GST, while Manitoba residents are subject to both PST and GST. Residents of Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Ontario are subject to HST. Taxes are not charged for residents of the United States or other residents outside of Canada, with the rare exception of delivery originating from an in-state service provider.

We accept payment by email bank money transfer (must be arranged with customer service first) certified cheque (must be arranged with customer service first, and requires a shipping delay- funds must clear), Canadian or INTERNATIONAL money order (must be negotiable in Canada, and must be arranged with customer service first), Visa or Mastercard. Orders from are securely sent to High Level Wellness where they are reviewed. Once your order and S&H have been verified, your payment will be processed and your order shipped.

Freight Policy

Shipping charges on all orders vary; contact High Level Wellness for our most current and competitive rates, options and shipping specials.  For the Customer's protection, we ship only to the verified billing address of the Customer's credit card. In some circumstances, international shipping may be available. Call for details.